Genuine Saab Accessories

Saab Genuine Accessories are created to answer life’s unique demands – and as we know, these demands are as varied as they are numerous. Choosing from our accessories range lets you enhance versatility, optimize convenience, or express your own taste even further. Whatever the reason, you’ll find the answer at Brownell Motors.

But why buy Saab Genuine Accessories? Well, the answer is in the name. Our accessories are Genuine. They were tested and developed together with your car and are subject to the same painstaking attention to detail and adherence to rigorous safety standards – no compromises, no exceptions and no short cuts. Always certified and always approved, every accessory in our range represents quality, functionality and Genuine peace of mind.

Compliment your lifestyle and personalize your Saab with a Genuine accessory and be sure you’re adding quality to quality. Contact the Brownell Motors Parts Department directly at 845-831-4772, or you can order your accessories online here.