Genuine Saab Service

When you leave your Saab with Brownell Motors for a Genuine Service, we want you to have high expectations.
After all, we do.
We expect to return your car in as close as possible to its original delivery condition – and we are able to achieve this by harnessing the talents of skilled and highly trained technicians who know every nut and bolt of every Saab inside out – something only Brownell Motors can offer.

You’ll know when it’s time to visit us because your Saab’s onboard computer will tell you. Service and maintenance can be time- or mileage-based, but in general, we recommend that our technicians take a look at your car at least once a year. When they do, a Saab Genuine Service involves more than necessary maintenance service and repairs. We also carry out guarantee-based repairs and address safety related issues.

A Saab Genuine Service recognizes the fact that you and your car have unique requirements. It also takes into account your desire to enjoy high levels of performance, reliability and driving pleasure. And ultimately, the Saab Genuine stamp in your Saab’s service manual will positively affect its residual value.

Contact Brownell Motors -- your Saab Authorized Repairer -- and find out more about our comprehensive Genuine Service offer. You can also click here to make your next Saab Genuine Service appointment at Brownell Motors, or call directly at 845-831-4770.